About us

In May 1986 Graeme MacFarlane returned to New Zealand following a 2 year contract with a large Melbourne commercial furniture company and established a nationwide distribution operation - called Metrolink Trading Limited - to provide imported and locally manufactured products to the New Zealand commercial furniture market via the retail sector. Market demand added furniture components to the range and cemented Metrolink as a New Zealand wholesaler and re-exporter of product where we enjoyed the rights in the South Pacific.

In 1993 the emphasis of Metrolink Trading Limited was re-directed to the ergonomic support equipment market as we recognised the growth potential of the occupational health market demanded through nurses and therapists. 

In 1996 Metrolink established an assembly division in Wellington to support our own research and development and allow us to export at competitive prices into Europe and North America and to import in KD form where appropriate.

Today Metrolink continues to specialize in ergonomic equipment with imported and locally designed and manufactured products to meet demand from occupational health and safety areas via retail outlets in both furniture and computer equipment.

Metrolink staff are trained in ergonomic safety and health and are available to assist with all enquiries.

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